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If you want to connect to two servers on startup, you have to have a script, that automatically connects in your first status window, then opens another status window, and connects there.
Here we go:

on *:START:{
  ; connect to several servers
  /server -m

This works like this:
/server tells the mIRC to open up a server-connection. is the address of the server, you can also change this to a generic ip-address.
-m is the flag that tells /server to open up a new status window
Note: This starts everytime you start mIRC. You should turn off your "auto-connect on startup" if you haven't already
This is because otherwise, mIRC will disconnect on the startup status window, and connect to the one we defined.

Now all of a sudden you got this heap of opened status windows, which all take alot of space.
Let's try to do something about this:

on *:CONNECT:{
  ; minimize the status windows that pop up
  /window -n "Status Window"

There! This should've also solved all of your status window problems.
"Now, how does this work?", you might ask.
Here's the raw deal:
/window tells mIRC that it will be handling a window
-n tells /window that it has to minimize the proceeding window
"Status Window" is the name of the active status window. This is a variable in reality.